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Bhaktapur, The City of Devotees

Welcome to the city of devotees. At every lane, nook and corner in Bhaktapur there is a temple or a shrine. And bhajans like this are common every evening on every temple steps.

Bisket Jatra, 7-14 April 2022

Bisket Jatra is an annual 10-day festival held in Bhaktapur, celebrating the start of the Nepali New Year. It is a massive event

Gai Jatra, 13 August 2022

Gai Jatra, despite being a time to commemorate the dead, is a vibrant merry festival, where bamboo carriages (taha macha) wrapped in cloth

Dashain, 26 September to 15 October 2022

Dashain is a very important religious Nepali festival which is celebrated for fifteen days. It is the longest and the most